To provide the best possible service to their patients and enabling the professional medical service providers to perform, the prestigious medical units or hospitals must look upon the annual preventive maintenance of their biomedical equipment. Sometimes total repairing of the equipment may occur. In any case, there must close links between the hospitals and maintenance services provider of biomedical equipment. In the maintenance of biomedical equipment, the organization taking the maintenance should look upon the certification of the personnel who are ultimately doing the annual checkup or total overhauling. The technician engaged should have the authorization of International Certification Commission as CBET or Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician.

All about equipment maintenance and the services provided

The preventive measurements and received within 5 to 7 days. In case of the biomedical equipment service the time required in much more. The potential customers will be surely notified about the estimated date of shipments and in the worst case, the time to be taken for shipment would be exceeded from 7 to 10 days. Sometimes the time taken is little longer because of the unavailability of the machine’s parts. Even in cases of the warranty and maintenance, the buyer or the customer must remember the date of purchase and the keep a copy of the tax invoice. The other points are needed to be taken care of are:

  • If there is a machinery failure the original repair would not be conducted, and this would not at all be covered under the scheme of the 1st year warranty service.
  • In the certain situation and unavoidable circumstances, the services provided will come up to return the warranty to the potential customer.

The demand for refurbished medical equipment

The demands for the refurbished medical equipment are increasing day by day, and the demand is visibly increasing at a high rate. The service providers are handling the issue professionally and keeping an eye on the cost sensitivity scenario. The areas that are being looked after by the professional service providers are:

  • Refurbishing the equipment that is obsolete and making the procedure extremely cost-effective.
  • The providers go for the cost-effective way because they have researched upon the matter and invented that they are 50% cheaper compared to the brand new models.
  • The nature of the equipment is often complex and hence the requirement of the after sale service and the supports that are to be provided on malfunctioning of the machine.