The renewable energy sector notes a giant gap between the demand and supply of finances. Researchers in the Netherlands saw that while funding solutions were scant, one that stood out was crowdfunding. The volume of online fundraising done today towards initiatives in renewable energy is low. However, the dynamic of these projects holds potential, allowing a high chance for crowdfunding India to become the ideal solution for the lack of funding for renewable energy projects.

While countries in the west have been concerned for the environment and have been making efforts to talk about sustainability and act on renewable energy alternatives, India is yet to get involved in efforts to employ renewable energy solutions to this extent. In 2017, renewable energy accounted for about 18% of total power usage. The country aims for a figure of 40% by 2030. If implemented appropriately, renewable energy in India could not only slow global warming, but also generate over 300,000 new jobs in the next five years and pull masses out of poverty.

How one crowdfunder may provide every home with its own source of renewable energy

Crowdfunding India websites like Impact Guru have seen countless campaigners, especially urban youth today that hold concern for social issues plaguing the country and environmental issues plaguing the planet. Santosh is one such campaigner, who has been working in industrial engineering for over 20 years now, and has successfully worked on with several innovative projects. After five years of toil, he has finally developed a model that lets every household have its own source of renewable energy from a perpetual motion wheel, and save huge amounts of both energy and money.

Santosh wishes to develop his model and give it to society rather than build a profitable business. For this reason, he has chosen to approach society itself for funding, rather than private institutions or investors who would seek to gain from his innovation. He has turned to create a crowdfunding campaign with Impact Guru, a global platform that caters majorly to campaigns that fund medical causes and solutions to social and environmental issues.

To add fuel to his donor appeal and help readers make a connect; Santosh has added a simple video explaining his model with graphics. He is able to share his page easily across social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp and build a web of donors quickly. Find his campaign on Impact Guru and get involved in the effort to make renewable energy accessible for all!