If you have an appointment to see your GP, you would naturally want to get the most out of it. An Average consultation with a general practitioner often only lasts around seven minutes. It is not really surprising how a lot of people these days do not really have that much faith in these appointments as they often feel that their time with the doctor seems to feel way too rushed.

Making sure that you get the most out of these appointments is very important. Since you are only going to have limited moments to fully explain what is going on with you, here are tips on how to make the most out of your GP appointment.

Turn up and don’t phone

If what you are hoping is to secure an appointment on a specific day, then it is best that you just turn up in person and be there when the surgery opens. Hundreds of people will likely be trying to get through on the phone but most of the time; the queuing systems are only able to take about eight people. Most of the time, the queue that will turn up in the surgery will be surprisingly short which means that they are likely to secure an appointment. Also, Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually the least busy days.

Talk straight to the point

Explain things in a direct manner and make sure that you do not tell fibs as well. A lot of people often end up talking about something entirely far-off from their real concern and only then talk about what the problem really is at the last minute. Also, avoid lying to your doctor. You are only doing more harm than good. This is especially true with matters concerning your medications. If you have missed taking some, then be upfront about it. Otherwise, your GP might just end up thinking that he might have made an incorrect diagnosis.

Skip the caffeine

If you need a blood ores sure check, then be sure to avoid caffeinated drinks. They are only going to cause your blood pressure to go up. This means that you probably need to skip coffee and tea. The same goes for cola drinks as well. Do these two hours before you turn up for an appointment so the blood pressure reading is going to be more accurate.

GPs cannot cure a sore tooth

A lot of people make the mistake of referring their sore tooth to their GPs. You will be surprised how your doctor likely only knows just about the same thing that you do about your teeth. See a dentist instead. He will be more apt to address the problem for you. Going to a GP for something that he has no means to address only causes more treatment delays.

You may need to strip off

There may be a need for you to get examined, which means that you will need to undress. This means that you should pick out an outfit that should be easy enough to take off and put on. That being said, it is best to remember to put on some clean and new underpants as well for good measure.

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