The use of the steroid Dianabol is very common. It is preferred by many bodybuilders and enthusiasts. The list of dangerous effects, however, also circulates with it which poses a serious question is it safe for use? The users should try and understand that nature and type of drug which is available- anabolic and androgenic. The drug was previously manufactured by pharmaceutical but with increased concerns and legality of use, the manufacturer no longer undertakes the production of the drug.

Dianabol is a commonly used drug but it comes with a risk. We all know that every drug which is available in the market has some side-effects. Even commonly used drugs do not come with 100% safety assurance. Dianabol also has its own list of dangerous effects major amongst them is its effect on the liver. The users should always be careful while using Dianabol and should limit the dosage. The cycle of length should also be monitored to avoid serious health issues.

It is often argued that the use should be in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. The athletes who take the drug in limited quantity often argue that the side effects are often predictable and in most cases manageable. This does not mean that there will be no side effects, every gain will result in some loss. The idea is to limit the loss or keep them in control.

The use of Dianabol is highly popular and it is because of the effects it generates. The users most often find the use of Dianabol highly effective is muscle building. It also provides endurance and toning to the body along with suitable exercise regime. This oral supplement is known to generate equivalent results to the injectable steroids. This is without having to go through the discomfort and inconvenience.

All this is a great talk for male athletes, for women body enthusiasts Dianabol might not be the best choice. They might have to face serious side effects which include deepening of the voice, the growth of unwanted hair, breast size reduction and enlargement of clitoris. Along with these, the common side-effects that are associated with male use are as applicable. The common side effects include blood pressure, acne, liver damage etc.

For safety and best use, the beginners should start slow. They should take the experts helps to ensure that their body is reacting right to the use. The beginners should ideally take 30 milligrams daily for about 4 weeks. The same dosage can be split through the day to further minimize the side effects. The pills are available in small dosage so the users should not worry. When the body has responded well and the user is experienced then the dose may be increased to 30 mg per day for a higher cycle of say 6 weeks. Some bodybuilders even tale 50 mg dose suiting their needs.

When there are appropriate dose and rest cycle between the regular cycles the effects are superb. When athletes want to be 100% then the option is natural ingredients bases steroids.