The most common myth about ketogenic diet is that it increases the cholesterol level of your body as they are high in fat and they can clog your arteries, but the fact is that ketogenic diets can improve your cholesterol level and which can ultimately help in improving your cardiac health. The ketogenic diet can be a very helpful tool in maintaining a good cardiovascular system for your body.

75% the cholesterol present in the body is produced internally while 25% of the cholesterol is externally ingested. The liver and other body cells provide the cholesterol needed by our body. Cholesterol is also obtained by consuming foods such as poultry, dairy, and other fats. Lipoproteins are the molecules composed of fats and proteins which helps in transportation of cholesterol in the blood.

Impact of ketogenic diet on cardiac health

When we restrict carbohydrates in our diet and start relying on calories from other food sources such as meat, fish, avocados, nuts and organic oils etc. then it is said that it can improve your cholesterol level up to an extent. This can also be done by incorporating all these into a diet plan known as a ketogenic diet. If you are looking for a good ketogenic diet for improving your cholesterol level of the body, then you should start it today itself, this will help you in reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

The effects of ketogenic diet may vary from person to person so to get good results from ketogenic diet we need to consult a doctor first before starting a ketogenic diet. You should get yourself tested to track the results of dietary changes in your body. Keto diet plan Bangalore for cardiovascular diseases is given importance.

To check whether the ketogenic diet is improving your cholesterol level you can check your total to HDL cholesterol ratio and make sure that this ratio is in between 3 to 4. This shows that the carb reduction in your ketogenic diet is the proving to be healthy for you. The ketogenic diet will also help you in reducing the amount of harmful VLDL cholesterol present in the blood.