Hair fall is a very common disorder that most of us suffer. Let us just say, it is a concern more than tragedy. It can also turn out to be a nightmare as we consider our hair as our pride. Hair helps us to build a good impression on the other person and a bad hair day can royally put us in a bad mood. Thus, we hope you can understand the importance of hair in our life.

However, it has been found that hair loss starts as early as in our 20s. Most of the youngsters suffer hair loss when they step into their 20s. Most of it happens due to hereditary conditions that have been passing down the generations. Other reasons include excessive chemical treatment like hair colouring, use of heat-emitting hair tools, poor lifestyle and using bad quality hair products on hair. At our 20s, we love to experiment with our hair and thus start suffering from hair problems. At this age hair fall is clearly visible and by the time we reach our 40s, we see the balding effect and our hair growth also reduces.

However, speaking about the right age of hair transplantation, there has been a debate concerning this topic. Without any doubt, there have been instances when people in their 20s have gone through hair transplant surgery. However, the question arises whether it is safe to go through a hair transplantation surgery at such a young age? Do the doctors really consider the age factor before conducting a hair transplant surgery or is there any other solution the age becomes a barrier to the surgery? These are some of the most lurking question we seem to face when talking about the age.

As we cannot deny the fact that there are success stories catering hair transplantation at such a young age, after celebrities like Wayne Rooney went through the surgery at a very young age of 25. It was a motivational act that encouraged the teenagers to go under the knives. As teenagers or youngsters we always want to be at our best and hair plays a great role in this case.

Doctors, however have very inconsistent about the age factor when it comes to hair transplantation surgery. Some doctors believe that the best age for hair transplantation surgery is during the 40s; again some doctors totally disagree with this fact and believe that hair transplantation can be done during the 20s without the fear of any danger. So, what are the dangers that are associated with hair transplantation at such a young age? One of the lurking dangers of hair transplantation at such a young age is that it is not an easy task to hair transplantation as it is quite difficult for the doctor to recognise the stability of the hair from the donor area in the long run. The doctor actually uses am equipment called densitometer to assess the growth and permanence of probability of the donor’s hair so as to have a fair idea about the baldness in future. At this age the doctor finds it difficult to assess the extent or the frequency of the hair loss. This in turn might lead to an unsuccessful hair transplantation surgery in terms of the long run thereby making the investment a complete vain.

Right age for your Hair Transplant

What are the other dangers of Early Hair Transplantation Surgery?

Expert surgeon Doctor Bersam Farjo is of the opinion that early hair transplantation surgery is a very bad idea. This is because in the long run an unfortunate baldness is likely to always crop up only of the person is going under the knives too early. By the time when they will reach the 40, most of the hair will be lost from their scalp. Also, chances are high that one may end up have hairs on the temple, funny hairs, bald patches on the head, etc. which will have no room to cure. Therefore, the doctors advise people below 30 to look for alternative method to fight their hair loss story.

So, why Hair Transplantation is best at 40 and above?

Surgery at 40 is best as by that time most of the hairs will fall which makes it easier for the doctors to examine the permanency of the donor hair thereby making the surgery a success story. It will not give rise to yet another surgery or other multiple surgeries. Thus, hair transplantation surgery is best in your 40s.

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