There are many ways for you to make money in the health industry. If your passion has been diet and exercise and you want to use the life knowledge you have accumulated over the years to start earning some money then here are our top 5 business models for making money with health and fitness.

#1 Smoothie Shop

This might seem a little silly, but this is one of the most affordable ways to get into the industry and one of the most profitable things you can sell. The smoothie business is huge and if you know what you are talking about, you can take advantage that knowledge and turn it into profits. The overall costs for making a smoothie are extremely low, and the price points for them are extremely high. This gives you a great margin to earn from. Many shops also sell supplements and shake kits because of the foot traffic they receive from being storefront operations. There are many franchising opportunities out there for any health nut wanting to jump into this right away. A franchise is a decent option if you are looking for a template based model for success. Smoothies are groovy! You can check out sites like ( for more information on franchising a smoothie operation.

#2 Vitamin Shoppe

Something similar to the Smoothie business except with vitamins and proteins. Vitamin shops typically carry things like vitamins, fat burners, test boosters, proteins, creatine, and any other supplement related to bodybuilding and weight loss. You really need to know what you are talking about here, I have been into a GNC before and the guy was a complete moron. Clearly he was there to collect a paycheck and not because he was passionate about the business. If you have knowledge of the vitamin and supplement industry then this is a great opportunity for you to get in on a booming industry. There are opportunities to franchise in this business as well. You can check out sites like ( for more information on franchising a vitamin and supplement operation.

#3 Online Nutrition Coach

You need to know something about dieting and know how to work with people. Believe it or not, there is a market for this. The benefit of being an online nutrition coach is that you save yourself the overhead of a brick and mortar facility. That money can go back into marketing your business online. A nutrition coach will need to understand each individual’s needs and be able to plan a diet around their age and body type. They will also need to understand progression, how to measure it, and how to identify if someone or something isn’t working. This is something that can easily crash and burn if you do not have people skills or if you don’t know how to manage the process. If you can get everything right, it’s a great business model. You can check out a site like ( for more information on franchising an online nutritional coaching business.

#4 Personal Trainer

A personal trainer has the opportunity to make a ton of money both online and in a gym. There is always a need for someone with the knowledge to help train someone without the knowledge. There is a science to getting into shape and a personal trainer can be the one to motivate and push you to your limits. If this sounds like you, if you think you have what it takes to get people in the gym to train, punish them with pain, and keep them coming back for more than you can have a career as a personal trainer. I’m not saying everyone will respond with punishing workouts, you will have to read the individual who you are training, understand their potential and their limits and go from there. This is a great business though, especially in wealthy areas where people have the money to pay for a personal trainer.

#5 Open a Gym

I saved this for last because it takes a lot more to get a Gym operation set up and going. Aside from the physical location of the Gym, you will obviously need weights and training equipment to facilitate the needs of your members. Insurance isn’t cheap and liability can be complicated. Getting members in the door and willing to pay a monthly fee can be a hassle also. With the big Gyms offering $9 dollar per month memberships it’s something the little guys can’t compete with. Some Gyms are evolving with the times and offering exclusive training programs that the big Gyms can’t offer. Things like boxing, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, kickboxing, cross fit, and Yoga are some of the additional offerings that attract a demographic looking for more than just a standard Gym. These special training classes will also validate a higher price point on a per month basis. Some Gyms that have martial arts or boxing experts on staff to train for exercise and competition can charge upwards of $150 dollars a month. There are plenty of franchising opportunities out there for anyone looking to open a Gym. You can check out a site like Self Growth and read up on this article about opening a Gym in Arizona to learn more about what that process might look like and how you could apply those strategies to your local market. You can also check out a site like ( for more information on franchising a Gym.